11 500 sq.ft


10 months


A smart home should control lighting, all climate systems, curtains and blinds, as well as security systems.


This section describes the customer's technical specifications. What tasks should our system solve, what functions are planned to be implemented in connection with the site plan.


Technical task

Through our partner network, we received a request to install a comprehensive home automation system in a villa with an area of over 10,000 sq.ft. The project aimed to install lighting control with brightness adjustment and automation in corridors, staircases, and other passage areas, a curtains control system for all windows, multi-zone climate control, control of the ventilation system, air conditioners, heating, and several security systems. The client also requested the use of Legrand control panels from the Living Now series (this series supports the KNX protocol). A touchscreen is required in the main living room.

Project plan


carbon monoxide sensors


automation of staircase backlight


automation of the light


electrical panel


touch screen


This section describes the brands that we used in the project, as well as the list of work that was carried out as part of the system installation.


Selected brands



A well-known brand that produces equipment based on the KNX standard. The company's headquarters is located in Spain. The distinctive feature of the devices is their flexibility in configuration and high reliability.



An American brand producing revolutionary mounting systems for Apple iPad tablets. The equipment allows mounting the tablet on the wall or table, with some models featuring built-in wireless charging.



A company producing multi-protocol gateways for integrating climate control equipment of various brands with home automation protocols.



A globally renowned French company that manufactures a wide range of electrical installation products, including smart home systems based on KNX. The company is known for high quality, innovation, and stylish design.



A leading company in security system manufacturing. They offer a wide range of products, including water and gas leak sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and more. All AJAX products easily integrate into the smart home system.

Completed works



The KNX technology was chosen as the basis for the system, allowing implementation of all the above-mentioned functions. Next, our design department selected all the necessary equipment and prepared documentation for installation.


Switchboards Assembly

Once the equipment ordered for the project arrived, we started assembling the automation system electrical switchboards right in our office. After assembly, we conducted a series of electrical tests using special equipment.


Switchboard Connection

Next, we proceeded to connect the switchboards that were pre-assembled in our office. Over 500 cable lines were connected to the electrical switchboards in total. Each cable has a unique identifier recorded in the cable log.


End Equipment Installation

After the furniture delivery and cleaning of the premises from construction dust, we began installing control panels, security sensors, and other devices. We also mounted 9 surveillance cameras on the facade of the house.


System Commissioning

The final stage involved setting up the smart home system and calibrating the home theater. To calibrate the home theater, we used an special calibration microphone. Additionally, we programmed automation scenarios.


This section describes the final result, functions, control methods and automation scenarios that are implemented in the project.




Smart Lighting

The system controls all lighting groups. The main light sources support brightness adjustment (dimming), and staircase lighting automation and motion sensors are installed in passage areas.


Security Systems

Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors are installed in the kitchen, boiler room, and garage. When danger is detected, a siren is activated, and a distress notification is sent to the application. Video surveillance cameras are also installed around the perimeter of the house.


Climate Control

Radiator heating, underfloor heating, air conditioners and ventilation systems are integrated into a single network. Ventilation and air conditioning integration was done using the Modbus protocol. A wall thermostat is installed in each room.


Curtains Control

Curtains in bedrooms, children's rooms, and guest rooms can be controlled from the smart home system. The system also controls motorized windows in several rooms. The system supports the function of automatically closing all curtains at dusk.


Wireless Internet

The house and adjacent territory are equipped with a wireless internet network with a maximum speed of up to 1 Gbps. In addition to the main wired internet channel, the system supports a backup using GSM technology.


Control Panels

25 functional control panels and 8 Legrand Living Now climate control panels in white and black are installed in the house. In technical rooms, ordinary switches are installed to optimize the budget.

Touch Screens

A touchscreen based on the Apple iPad and iPort a wall-mount, specially commissioned in the combination colour of white and gray, is installed in the main living room. The screen allows not only for controlling all functions but also for viewing cameras.

Personal Devices

All system functions can be controlled from personal smartphones and tablets using the app. Access to the home is available from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Classic Switches

Classic switches with bell-type mechanisms are installed in technical rooms of the house. This solution minimizes the number of KNX panels and saves the overall project budget.







If you decide to throw a party, the system will turn on landscape, facade, and interior lighting, activate music in common areas, and restrict access to certain rooms. Additionally, the smart home temporarily locks the control panels.



The scenario turns off the main lighting, closes the curtains, turns on soft lighting, and plays quiet music. Additionally, the scenario can turn off the television and other multimedia equipment.



During mealtime, the smart home will focus the lighting on the dining area, open the curtains, and, at your request, play pleasant music or turn on the television. Additionally, the smart home system can call family members to the table.



If you love to read, activate the "Reading" scenario. The system will focus the lighting on your favorite reading spot, open the curtains, and turn off all distracting sources of noise.



If you have your own gym at home or simply work out at home, activate the "Workout" scenario. It will not only lower the room temperature but also turn on the lighting and music or television.

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