7230 sq.ft


12 months


A smart home should control lighting, all climate systems, curtains and blinds, power outlets, as well as security systems.


This section describes the customer's technical specifications. What tasks should our system solve, what functions are planned to be implemented in connection with the site plan.


Technical task

We received a request for the installation of a smart home system in the villa of 7230 square feet. It included the implementation of the following functions: lighting control, multi-zone climate control, control of all sun protection products, control of motorized windows, video surveillance system, water leakage control system, control of garage and entrance gates, seamless coverage of the home area with Wi-Fi network, control of household appliances. By owner’s request special attention was paid to the control of heating system. We have chosen Zennio control panels, with backlighting and individual symbolic engravings on control buttons.

Project plan


server equipment


automatic staircase backlight


automatic lighting


built-in ceiling acoustics


voice control


touch screen


This section describes the brands that we used in the project, as well as the list of work that was carried out as part of the system installation.


Selected brands



A company producing multi-protocol gateways for integrating climate control equipment of various brands with home automation protocols.



A well-known brand that produces equipment based on the KNX standard. The company's headquarters is located in Spain. The distinctive feature of the devices is their flexibility in configuration and high reliability.



An American brand producing revolutionary mounting systems for Apple iPad tablets. The equipment allows mounting the tablet on the wall or table, with some models featuring built-in wireless charging.



A market leader in WiFi equipment. Thanks to its proprietary adaptive antenna technology, the manufacturer's access points confidently win in multi-shift tests conducted by independent technical laboratories.



A leading company in security system manufacturing. They offer a wide range of products, including water and gas leak sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and more. All AJAX products easily integrate into the smart home system.

Completed works



At the customer's request, in this project we paid special attention to the heating control system. Since the main source of heat was underfloor heating, it was decided to use special integrated thermostats.


Switchboards’ Connection

The cablework on this project, was laid by the general contractor according to our specification. Upon completion of this work, we proceeded to connect the electrical switchboard and server cabinet to all incoming cable lines. A total of 450 lines were connected.


Switchboards’ Assembly

After connecting the cable lines, we began assembling the switchboards. The main place in the electrical panel was allocated for 24-channel relay blocks from Zennio, which were responsible for controlling lighting and heating servo drives.


Equipment on Premises

After completing the finishing works, we proceeded to install end equipment. The following devices were installed in the premises of the house: Zennio control panels, seamless Wi-Fi access points, video surveillance cameras, and other devices.



The final stage was programming. For this, we used ETS5 software, which allows configuring a smart home on the base of KNX protocol. For fine-tuning climate systems, we used a thermal imager.


This section describes the final result, functions, control methods and automation scenarios that are implemented in the project.




Smart Lighting

All lighting groups, including facade and landscape lighting of the adjacent territory, are connected to the system. A schedule is set up for landscape lighting, which automatically activates all groups when it gets dark.


Climate control

All climate systems in the house are controlled by the smart home.Additionally, a scenario "I arrived" was developed, which allows to remotely turn on the climate systems and prepare the house for owner’s return.


Curtains Control

In this project, smart home controls not only Roman and roller blinds but also motorized windows. A function of automatically closing all curtains when it gets dark was added.


Security Systems

The security system includes: video surveillance, water leakage control, which notifies of an emergency and shuts off water, as well as a video intercom system that allows you to open the door from anywhere in the world. All functions work from a single application.


Household systems

The system has taken control of the sauna with an electric stove. It's possible to activate the sauna via the app and select the desired temperature in the steam room.


Control Panels

All smart home functions can be controlled using Zennio control panels with backlighting and individual engraving on buttons. The panels are equipped with built-in temperature and humidity sensors.

Touch Screens

Touch screens based on Apple iPad and iPort wall mounts made of black aluminum were installed on the Ground and 1st floors. Touch screens allow you to receive video intercom calls and watch cameras.

Voice Control

In the main living room area, voice control is implemented using Amazon Alexa. The system supports up to 20 individual voice commands preprogrammed by customer request.

Personal Devices

All system functions can be controlled from personal smartphones or tablets through a special application from anywhere in the world with internet access. Interior photos of the object have been added to the application interface.






I Arrived

The system deactivates the security system, opens the entrance gates and garage doors, and activates the garage lights, pathway lighting, and landscape lighting. After a specified period, the system will close the garage door and gates.


I Left

The system opens the garage door and entrance gates, turns on pathway lighting. Once you leave the property perimeter, the system turns off the lights and closes the garage door and gates. Additionally, the system activates the security mode.


Steam room preparation

The scenario involves heating the sauna and sending a notification when it's ready. Upon entering the premises, you will be greeted by a pleasant atmosphere created by optimal temperature, relaxing music, and pleasant lighting.



If you decide to host a party, the system will turn on landscape, facade, and interior lighting, activate music in common areas, and restrict access to certain rooms. Additionally, the smart home temporarily blocks control panels.



While you're away, the smart home will look after your property. Activate the "Vacation" scenario, and the system will turn off the gas, close the awnings and motorized windows. Additionally, the smart home will activate presence simulation mode.

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